Our History

The Tenancy was originally taken at Peters farm by the Brain family firm, F.Brain & Sons in 1922. Fredrick Brain and his sons were market gardeners in a nearby village of Mickleton located on the edge of the ‘vale of Evesham’ where they grew veg. it was decided they needed some ‘hill land’ to spread the planting/harvesting season of their brassica crops. He sent one of his sons (Frank Brain, 1st Generation) to run Peters farm. Brassicas had never been grown on ‘hill land’ before and everyone around suggested that it wouldn’t work. They proved that It could be done, and successfully and other market gardening businesses followed in subsequent years.

Doug Brain, 2nd Generation arrived home from his role in WW2. Doug set up his own contracting business to start with away from the farm which his father and elder brother were still running. Doug eventually came back into the farming business and when his father died and F.Brain & Sons ceased trading, Doug bought some of the machinery from the farm sale that he could afford, and took the tenancy on himself to continue farming. Its at this point that the farming business was still growing brassicas but Doug’s ‘brainchild’ was to start growing potatoes and cereals for seed. Brought about with the access to virgin land for potatoes, and clean entry for cereals after brassica crops and short term leys for livestock that we also introduced. 



By 1980 (Ken Brain, 3rd Generation) was working alongside his father expanding the ‘seed’ side of the business when the opportunity to buy Peters Farm from Middle Hill Estate became a reality. They dually done so and from that point it was Ken’s ambition to set about paying the huge mortgage off they had undertaken with interest rates at 17%, and continue expanding the business further into Salad onions, leeks, picking peas, lettuce, spinach. In 2009 (Jason Brain, 4th generation) came into the business aged 18 and started to take over the main running of the day to day of the business from Ken. Attention to detail needed to produce quality crops is in Jason’s blood and he has homed his interest for seed potatoes back into the forefront of the business.