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Rotational Crops

Rotational cropping is good farming practice. Break crops allow the land to rest while improving soil structure. Legumes (peas) help fix nitrogen from the atmosphere thus reducing the requirement for artificial fertilisers in the following cereal crops.

Seed / Malting barley

The farms cereal area comprises of winter and spring barley mainly for the seed market and a small area for malting (beer). The Cotswold brash land suits barley over wheat production and the access to fresh clean land after break crops make it an ideally fit. Attention to detail is required for producing cereal seed the same as potatoes. All crops are independently walked by certified inspectors to make sure they meet the required thresholds for C1 – C2 production. 

Vegetable Crops

Rotational veg crops are also grown on the farms, these include brussel sprouts, kale, picking peas, salad onions and stubble turnips for livestock.